Recorded 02/27/22
Wendy Bell is a 21 time Emmy Award winning News Anchor and Talk Show Host. Although she has her own Monday to Friday morning show, her own App, her own Newsmax TV show, 5 sons and a lot of other things going on, she wanted an exclusive hour. We got to have a kitchen table talk about my friend in the Ukraine and other very disturbing current events. She wanted to dig in deeper.

We have quickly become family, it’s hard to find people who may possibly have been fired more often than us for speaking the truth lol.

As we have been saying our new secure streaming platform of choice will be WimKin, because we will never ever be censored there. I am so tired of trying to do interviews with the most amazing people and having them silenced, it felt like wasted efforts for all involved. That problem has now been resolved so this means we can start doing real news again without making up words or trying to say something in codes. 🤦🏻‍♂️

No more!
I’m over it, lots of brilliant guests coming but you will have to find us for livestreams on WimKin, Rumble, and Odysee so get on over and check out some of the other recent interviews!

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