Taking communication to the streets

I built this independent platform for 3 years with nothing but the good will of my fellow Canadians, pure determination and my never die ingenuity. Together we’ve taken this platform far but we need to be able to either level up or give up. The MSM is utterly collapsing, we ARE the media now! 

I resisted monetizing as long as possible but now we need to seriously start thinking about growing. Skilled staff, resources, equipment, expenses are not cheap. This is one way we can start to raise the money we need to remain sustainable, we need to do this because people need news.

Our content is free to you, it’s not free for us to create. We don’t get CERB, government subsidy money, we don’t beg before during and after every video, we don’t put our material behind pay walls. We don’t have corporate sponsors… we have no sponsors, and we don’t sell advertising. This project is a local partnership initiative, we split the proceeds with a single mom.


Would you prefer to donate?

We need all the help we can get and we know some of you would likely want to donate more than the $1 or $2 dollars we get from selling a mug, why? 

Because you actually want an alternative to the MSM that has no influences or agendas behind it and we are that “Huckelberry”

We are eternally grateful for any donations sent via eTransfer to: donate@whatsupcanada.org