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As we settle into 2022 I’ve given a lot of thought to what it might bring for the WUC? Platform.

When I started this journey 3 years ago I had no plans to what I was actually doing… or the journey it would take me on. I am wiser now than I was then to the vastness of Canada and the trades of journalism that’s for sure. This platform has grown much larger, with far more reach, than I expected back in the day when I started off with my now synonymous “Hey What’s Up Canada” when the camera rolls.

It started as a place to give voice to people, it turned into a nation wide community. The community here has had an enormous, even immeasurable impact on Canadians and people everywhere, I couldn’t be prouder. I have seen this community rally around people and change lives, that never would have been possible. I know our community is somewhat unique in the media space, it’s because the people are genuine, for some that impact has been immeasurable.

Being a journalist or having a national media company were never my goals, I didn’t start this for fame, glory, lifestyle or profit. Thats also why I never measured the metrics toward it being a “business”. It started by realizing my level of frustration towards MSM and their abandonment of responsibility was not unique. This I felt was a crime to the people who depended on them to get the information they needed to make educated decisions. Kind of like informed consent, it’s all been stolen or also gone the way of the Dodo Bird.

So that was my only initial goal, counter them with the peoples truth. There is no such thing as a person without bias, but knowing, accepting, and managing that knowledge is the only way to find fairness. We don’t, can’t always agree but where there is merit there must be dialog and remedy found through critical thinking.

Three years later we appear a conundrum to some, we don’t have an agenda. It’s frustrating to the shadow casters who attempt to “expose my agenda” and always end up disappointed because of one thing, consistency. This has always been about Canadians, it’s never been about Wayne. What you see is what you get, on cam or on the street. Respect and integrity, I cherish that above all else, I protect that at all costs. We walk our talk, always.

This may make me controversial at times, I have never been here to be popular or to convince people I was right. Heck… most of the time I wish I were wrong. But the truth is the truth, good bad or ugly, I can’t cover all the stories but what you get will always be consistently the best we have at the time.

I believe having these discussions and thinking about different things is the only path to freedom. I always knew this would be a bumpy ride. I have done my absolute best to not be like those selling nothingness, empty sensationalism or victim hood, nor asking for daily pity donations. The ones who have created this pattern likely don’t even realize that too often this funding actually leaves the resistance entirely. While solid reliable people walking their talk are struggling, they aren’t great at the marketing because that’s not what they are in this for so. They are researching, talking, writing, producing, editing, digging and grinding…. not marketing.

It has always been mine (and our teams) position that we would never ask for donations merely for the sake of asking, never ask if we were not proudly “delivering” value, never sell “advertising”, never be victims. I also know investors (rightfully) want a return, there isn’t a financial institution in the world who will touch us, and so… this makes our platform and others like it, a “bad business model”. So we have so far had to depend on the generous donations of the people, we know it, we don’t abuse it.

I know the hearts of the people who give, the ones who give the most generously are almost always the people who have the least to spare, the most faith and belief, the most fear, the most helplessness and vulnerability. I hate seeing that abused. I choose to emulate an old quote, “be the change you want to see”, there are more than most people realize, get out and find a community like that and if you can’t reach out to ours.

Not only did we reach the limits of what I thought one person could do without any form of structure, advertising support or budget, we surpassed it by light years. One initiative turned into 2, and more, we are now on more than 30 platforms, change agent groups and organizations. This is still being done with no available or regular budget, no regular support, no advertising, no sponsors, no endorsements, NO govt handouts or CERB payments and at the end of each day here I am, wondering what can I do to pay for my software, pay for my insurance, I can’t hire help… how far can I really go? I even accepted homelessness. I was ok with it because it was my choice, I chose to commit to this fight over all else. I meant it and I’m kind of stubborn that way.

So all of that puts me here at the end of the ramble, deciding what to do not just for my daily decision but for the year and the platforms. Wondering how to move a community forward and wondering if It’s time to turn this all into a business to be able to hire people or put everything behind a pay wall. I’m not entirely sure yet but I do hate the begging. I’m humble but I’m still pretty sure we provide more worth to the world than our cost so I know there has to be a way. 


Now for those still reading I am stunned and thankful and yes truly at the end of this thought dump where I come to the same daily answer. Have faith, carry on, everything happens for a reason, you will get what you need not necessarily what you want. Sometimes we need nothing and we receive exactly that, so… Lord let me be creative lol, we need a few things, we need to raise our game, this is our hill to die on. Our nation dies with us if we fail. 

So here it is, the ask:

The stakes have never been higher and you know we depend on your support. That means we need to raise at least $2,000 every month to keep the cameras rolling and Kraft Dinner in the pot. This isn’t lifestyle, this is bare bones surviving to work. If you can donate $5, $10 – $20, $100 or more even we can maintain the level of work you have become accustomed to, we can survive. If we can survive we can serve. Help us to keep from losing another hard working news platform to the tyranny.

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