Short Notice broadcast, Topic specific, stopping the WHO Plandemic treaty.

Dr. Mark Trozzi joins us today wearing a slightly different hat, Dr Trozzi with Shabnam Palesa Mohamed and Michael Alexander of the JCCF all sit as co-chairs of the World Council for Health Legal Action Committee. Shabnam and Mark are also on the Steering Committee of the WCH.
We are focused on stopping the WHO power grab advertised as the “Pandemic Preparedness Treaty/Agreement”. and exiting the WHO.
These are subjects we whole heartedly stand with and have been actively working against for some time, though I am sure the conversation will take us down other related interesting avenues.

Learn More at the World Council For Health:

Bio summary’s:
Dr Mark Trozzi MD
Veteran Emergency Physician and Critical Resucitation Instructor
Covid-19 researcher, author, educator, and activist.
World Council for Health steering committee member.
World Council for Health, member of Health and Humanities Committee , and Leal Action Committee
Written and video material at www.drtrozzi.org
Active member of Take Action Canada, and Canada Health Alliance. Founder of Cornerstone Science.

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed
Is an award winning activist, journalist, and mediation lawyer.
She is a World Council for Health steering committee member, and co-chair of the law and activism committee.
Shabnam is also on the steering committee of Children’s Health Defense Africa.
She is based in South Africa, where she manages Transformative Health Justice and SA VAERS.

Michael holds law degrees from the University of Toronto and Columbia University, where he also studied political science and philosophy at the graduate level. While holding the Laidlaw Fellowship in Law and Political Science, he also studied at the University of Chicago.

Michael Alexander joined the Justice Centre after a distinguished career in Toronto, when not practising law, Michael moonlights as a best-selling author, professional public speaker and media commentator. He is currently at work on his third book, entitled “Whatever You Do, Don’t Think Like a Lawyer.”

To support our work and keep our fight moving forward you can e-transfer tp donate@whatsupcanada.org or whatsupcanadian@gmail.com

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