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Do you know what the "Notice of Declaration is?

The short story here is that this Declaration is an expression of what hundreds of voices would look like collectively, if they were declaring what they as Canadians wanted. It is not a legally binding document, but it should be.

All on one “Notice of Declaration” .

Allodial Title via Land Patents in Canada

Allodial Title will show you the secret of how we as Canadians can defund the government and take back control of the lands you may rightfully claim!

“Allodial Title via Land Patents in Canada”

Possibly the most valuable information in the world if you are a Canadian land or property owner. If you want true freedom, it comes from taking the “land under your feet” out of the corrupt system.

Taxation without representation is unlawful. This is a manual on how to stop giving them what they want.

For a $50 dollar donation to the mythiscanada@yahoo.com it’s worth it’s weight in gold and you can start the process yourself today!

Go see for yourself at: https://themythiscanada.com