R.C.M.P Hit Squads in Rocky Mountain House Alberta?

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This is a story taking place in Rocky Mountain House Alberta that should have everyone concerned about over reach and potentially even abuse of Police powers being exerted in Alberta. Lives are in danger, how far will this go?

A local business man Patrick Sheridan who has been standing up against what a growing number of local business owners believe is the tyrannical over reach of the municipal right up to federal governments.

We interviewed Patrick Sheridan on January 20th where he spoke to some troubling experiences with local law enforcement at this time. It got out of hand this past Saturday at around noon.

There are two video links below, one is the interview with Patrick where he elaborates on the issues the community is facing, the other is his wife’s account of what can only be assumed as the kidnapping and attempted murder of her husband.

Watch, listen, stay tuned for events as they progress, we will in close contact with the family. This man’s life is in immediate danger from arbitrary police actions. He is currently being held in Red Deer remand without bail, without charge, and without representation. He will need our help.

It is becoming clearer every day that we the people will have to be the ones to maintain the safety of the people we love within our communities. There appears to be no law left in the law system and even less justice in the justice system.

March 27, 2021

Interview with Patrick Sheridan

March 24, 2021

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March 22, 2021

Interview with Patrick’s Wife

Jan 20, 2021

Interview with Patrick Sheridan