There is a lot of emerging safety data that is worth talking about, especially revolving around inoculations, masking and physical distancing. We were joined via livestream this past Friday Afternoon by special guest expert Dr Byram Bridle, an Associate Professor of Viral Immunology at the University of Guelph Ontario. You may or may not know that several very reputable members of the University, Associates, and Faculty have issued a public debate challenge to Premier Ford and his medical staff. They feel the public has a right to know what “Science” the Provincial government is using and an open discussion should be had. this is not an unreasonable request considering what is at stake. To this date Premier Ford has issued zero response
These ARE the experts and they disagree with Premier Ford. this should be of interest to him, and to the public. They want to know why, as the foremost experts, they are being silenced, ignored, and in some cases even persecuted. Why Mr Ford is not responding begins to bring on a very different set of questions. Silence tends to insinuate bad behaviour. This shouldn’t be left unanswered by Premier Ford. Especially if he takes into account the level of public awareness of transgressions by Premier Jason Kenney’s team in Alberta who also refuse or can not bring “His” management teams “Science or evidence” to the table. The onus is on them to provide answers to the legitimacy of their measures, and the potential chaos, harm, and deaths that are and will continue to mount based on “pseudo-science” or mistakes. Currently in Canada, even Pastors are being persecuted by the courts because they refuse to provide this science. These doctors justly feel they not only have a right… but a duty to demand a public inquiry when the establishment fails it’s duties and lends itself to very serious crimes.
We hope by hosting this message that we can help to encourage a larger number of Canadians to engage in awareness of this opportunity, to unite a public outcry, to demand answers. It’s not a big or unreasonable ask of the government teams after more than 13 months of flip flopping, it’s exactly what is needed to create a significant public demand for meaningful discourse with elected officials.
There is a massive amount of truth to digest in this interview, it is not what many will want to hear, the horrible truth rarely is. The significance of this group of brave doctors taking on this challenge can not be over stated. These are the doctors you need to be listening to. Unbiased truth. You will hear from Dr Bridle how this initiative came about, the objectives they hope to reach, and the reception they expect from the public and the establishment. Stay tuned for updates on this story as it progresses.

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2021-03-16 – Facts about COVID-19 vaccines – FINAL

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