I’m no Doctor, I have no degree’s, but I can tell when something smells bad, looks bad, or reads bad. I’m also no fool. In what we nostalgically refer to as Canada we are currently experiencing a cycle of political and economic turmoil the likes of which most Canadians have never before experienced. This leaves many wondering if they even recognise the Canada we knew and loved only a few short years ago.

“Case” in point, Medicine, Doctors and Science. The word Case itself has become a broadly used weapon in today’s “Pandemic climate where “Casedemics” seem to be the driving force behind ever more increasing and destructive measures levied upon the population, in every province of Canada.

The “Pandemic” has shown the world a great many changes, most of the world is asking questions. This is something as Canadians we used to enjoy, with great relish a good debate was something Canadians were always interested, and willing participants. Thats what “free speech democracies” do correct?

Todays case of “things that don’t smell right” comes on behalf of the CPSO, the organization charged with governing Doctors and Surgeons in Ontario. The language used in this press release was so disturbing in any democratic nation I felt it deserved attention, and inspired this article.

Things change, in the “New Normal” as Prime Minister Trudeau describes Canada, we are constantly lectured to be more inclusive, and more tolerant… a “progressive’ double speak code word most of us have come to recognize, precedes a coming formal intolerance of something else.

Now this is where even with my lack of education in this field I can plainly see in this press statement that freedom of speech is now intolerable. It is not questionable, it is now completely intolerable. Even towards the most highly educated, “DO NOT QUESTION THE STATE” used to be aline out a movie when we feared communism and Fascism. Now we are being delivered exactly this from our “State” as they threaten extreme consequences to any who disagree.

If experts wishing to contribute to a discussion on the current crisis, how can they be rendered to silence? In a system that has already lost trust in the governance and management of this crisis, how can the most credentialed experts be allowed to be threatened if they do not conform to rules set down by an unelected state?

As an average citizen I generally trust Doctors and professionals in a field we generally think of as governed by the concept of “Do No Harm”. 

As we see the evolution of State Run Media and Politically run Pandemics, they now seem intent to abandon known medicine and replace it with “State Doctrine”? Doctors with questions are now facing a dangerous ultimatum, “Comply or be denied”? Lose your license, lose your privilege, lose your career.   

Do politicians have so much power that a doctor or scientist who feels an urgent need to express their opinion, or expand on their actual expertise is not only ignored but attacked?

Currently we are seeing this play out real time with the two separate groups of Doctors, one challenge having been issued in Alberta, the other in Ontario. This is not confidence building on behalf of a very broken system.

In the current state of things, trust in experts and Scientists has been deeply damaged by the state. As the honest hard working citizens struggle for facts, truth, or someone… ANYONE to stand up for their concerns, it is painfully clear this is already sorely lacking.

These who have chosen to bravely speak on behalf of concerned Canadians must not be ignored. They must be heard, this press statement is undeniably a bold and disturbing threat to any of the professionals concerned. If the tone of this statement is a sign of things to come, they will not experience cooperation I’m afraid it will be quite the opposite. They have now shown that their motives must be in question, this type of oppression is not acceptable to the people of Ontario any more than it would be in any other part of Canada.

The establishment has shattered trust at every level, hero’s are in short supply. These doctors are hero’s make no mistake, and they are bravely speaking truth to the closed ears of those who should be listening. Well… this is where the disconnect between the state and the people will expand until it exposes the deepest of corruption.

The people will support those who stand tall and champion for them, and rise against those who attempt to use oppression, threats, and intimidation to silence the truth that all Canadians seek in this the darkest times of our once great nation.

So in closing, how do you feel about all of this? Do you want answers too? Help us make this the loudest demand in Canadian history, #LetDoctorsSpeakFreely