Immoral Mandates & Collateral Damage, Is It Just BC or a Canada Wide Crisis

This could be anywhere in Canada, this time it just happens to be in British Columbia Canada. At the time of this taping you will hear that there are at least 22 other families across Canada being punished by a so called “Health Care System” gone political. These service corporations are choosing dangerous, harmful mandate and protocol compliance, blatantly and callously abusing Human rights…. humanity. Canadians deserve better than this, it can not be allowed to stand as standard operating procedures. If a crime like this is happening to a family or to you we want to know.

I sincerely hope the good people of these communities, the ones that know better than this, and have the ability, will stand up and be the leaders in their communities and be the advocates these vulnerable people deserve, it might be you next.

Our voices can and dutifully should make these “protocol drones” be publicly accountable for the harm they do. These “public servants” should know that if they continue to treat public like disposable chattel, it will be public scandal for them and we will do our part. They are replaceable too.

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