How did Canadians Become Racist?

First released 03/7/2020.

It was 2 years ahead of its time for people to understand its significance.

I paid a heavy price for this when Derek Storie and I first released this. This cost me several platforms among other things. After getting through that I chose to let sleeping dogs lie persay. Two years goes by, some names come up in a discussion with a few questions. I sent this to explain to explain the matter. The next thing I know a request was made for me to re release this. I wiped the dust off the last placer in the weberverse it hadn’t been removed. I haven’t polished it up but

I think we are there now.

Your nation has declared war on you. The funded organizations spoken of here are real, they are dangerous, they are big business. The are a construct of the “vision” of progressive political manipulation of our society. To the Government in Canada they shape the policy. They “manufacture” villains to leverage in the public sentiment. Then they provide policy “solutions.” They have influence right to the top levels of intelligence and security. This is merely the “Coles Notes”. We as Canadians have all been deceived, conspired against and stolen from under false pretences and front companies. They have waged psychological abuse on our entire nation.

If you didn’t understand the mechanics of this Social Marxist left wing assault on Canada and that they, along with NGO’s actually play a large role in the current destabilization of Canada. You should understand the basic “food chain” after this.

The evidence and court documents we share in this are going to recreate a backlash of epic proportions. They will once again I’m sure throw everything in their evil repertoire at us to silence us, but the truth as we have discovered it must be known. They have declared war on you, on Canada and all of its honest hard working citizens in the name of profit and social engineering.

We are doing this to make sure you all have a chance to see it and get it out before we get silenced. Stay tuned folks, this will be a vindication for many of you. It will shed light on some of the collusion and actual conspiracy that has had such a horrid impact on innocent unsuspecting Canadians. This does not even mention the manufactured destruction of Canada.


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