Alberta Boot Project:

Who Will Fill Their Shoes

Forced onto LOA, Paramedics Sierra, Todd & Kate speak out against medical coercion. This project commemorates the thousands of healthcare and emergency services workers in Alberta who have put everything on the line to protect freedom of choice, and as a result have been forced into unpaid LOA by AHS. We stand against medical coercion. Albertan’s deserve better, Albertans need to know how much expertise and how many extraordinarily qualified people are being removed unlawfully from service in order to obtain political reliability to a false narrative.
If you are a supporter of this movement, there is one more thing we would like to ask you to do. Below I have attached a link to a survey being completed by Healthcare Professionals United. They have been approached by a sympathetic MLA and are attempting to create a legitimate database of Alberta Health Care workers who have been affected by this mandate, to present to government as proof of AHS’s fraudulent statistical reporting.
The information provided to this survey is absolutely protected and secure, the only person to whom the names will be released is the Attorney General, but the statistics will be made available later on.
The beauty of this project is that any healthcare provider can fill it out – whether vaccinated or not, whether on leave or currently working. Help us get a better idea of how AHS’s mandate has effected your life. I cannot stress enough the importance of this project. Thank you to everyone in advance! ❤

We need you now more than ever!
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