Doctor Talks Panel 1 of 3: Doctors Talking Variants

Doctor Talks The Series: Panel 1 of 3: Doctors Talking Variants

Welcome to part 1 of our 3 part series, and our first coast to coast “Simulstreamed” event. This platform has been dedicated to giving ethical doctors all the time they need to get the people the whole truth. You may be seeing this program tomorrow on any number of “New Media” networks as we unite to provide the beautiful people of Canada what they deserve, the truth, uncensored.
About the show, out of the chute its variants, and a couple of other subjects the msm wont touch. The powers that be are not fond of us little people hearing from experts like Dr Steven Pelech, Dr Paul Alexander or Dr Harvey Risch. This is because they are among the most qualified voices on the subjects at hand, and they are not in line with the political or MSM narrative. That means we should be listening extra closely! They can beat us up all they want, we are taking the MSM narrative head on and they will be heard!
If not addressed by real science the MSM and power drunk politico’s will whip themselves into a frenzy… and more lockdowns. Without resistance, pushback, or real science we will be in for serious trouble. People getting educated enough to stand in front of them, empowered to demand answers is the idea. Our health is our responsibility, this is how we can all take control of it once more.
The world knows something is seriously wrong, we are bringing you the very people who are actually qualified to tell you the truth, and we are bringing them right to your device. Please help us keep going, we need your support now more than ever.
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