For those who have disregarded all of the negative information pertaining to the experimental Covid -19 vaccines based on the assumption that all information is coming from “anti-vaxers” or from those who do not possess the educational background to make such claims, this is a game changer. The particular video we will discuss here was an articulated dissection of a recent interview that is getting a lot of traction. (Link Below) Thank you Del Bigtree for that dissection.

We wanted to briefly sum up what we took away from this interview analysis. It is a highly scientific discussion with Dr Geert Vanden Bossche, Phd, DVM, a world renowned vaccine creator who has worked as a director, program leader, senior program officer, chief scientific officer and the head of numerous vaccine development companies, among them the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Dr Bossche has been sounding the alarm bell in recent interviews.

His main area of expertise is in fact the design of vaccines and the impact of mass vaccinations. In other words, during a pandemic and mass vaccination roll out, this is the man we should be looking to for direction.

Dr. Bossche has been studying MRNA vaccines and viral vector vaccines for over 20 years, he has not only been in most of the labs that have been working on them, he’s been running them. So, when he states that the Covid vaccines are not designed to stop infection and therefore transmission, maybe we should listen. He goes on to state that these Covid vaccines are prophylactic, in other words, they are not the vaccines that should be used during a pandemic.

Using a two part vaccine that only offers immunity once you’ve received both doses leaves your immune system more vulnerable to the virus between your 1st and 2nd inoculation. This could essentially make the virus more deadly and powerful than it was to begin with.

Furthermore Dr Bossche goes on to explain that in our immune system we have what are called non-specific antibodies, they are broad spectrum and are there to attack ANY virus that enters our bodies. When you take these vaccines, it changes those non-specific antibodies into very specific antibodies, meaning, they will only attack one specific virus.

The Covid vaccines have been created to attack the spike protein that was found at the beginning of the pandemic, before there were any variants. These vaccines will only offer protection against the original spike protein and give us no protection from any of the new variants. Specific antibodies essentially out compete our natural non-specific antibodies, leaving our immune system at a disadvantage. According to Dr Bossche, anyone who receives the Covid vaccines is leaving their immune system in such a weakened state, they will be unable to fight any other variant they may contract.

What is even more disturbing from this interview is his claim that because these vaccines are underperforming, they are allowing the virus to “gain function” and become more powerful and deadly than it was to begin with. By responding with global mass vaccinations we are allowing this virus to gain momentum. We are turning a virus with a 95% survival rate into a gain of function laboratory. This will equate to carnage on a global scale. In summary, these vaccines will create a pandemic to the extent we have not witnessed in our lifetime, perhaps in history.

Regardless of political stripe or assumed vaccine stance, there is much left for individuals to consider given the rush to implement Covid vaccines.

Video Source:

Geert Vanden Bossche Interview on The Highwire with Del Bigtree