From The Founder

I woke up December 1st 2018 the same way I had for a couple of years, working my way back to a beach in Florida. That was when I heard about something called the UNSDA. Little did I know how much my life, and my country was going to change. A few days later on the 5th of December 2018 I went to my very first political, or anti political, whatever you want to call it, it was the first public demonstration of my life. On February 14th 2019 I took the first steps on the actual path of life I walk today, little did I understand it then.

I had traveled to Europe for some time in 2015 and over a 6 month span I discovered with my own eyes the lies MSM were espousing versus the  reality of what I was experiencing there. I saw then how steeped the corruption was in the MSM. I felt minuscule and hopeless with my understanding of the system, and by default my existence within it were so skewed. My expertise in marketing, design, visualization, storytelling, digital development of SOCIAL media was actually based on being successful within the “Beast System”. The technology I was using to help others be successful was being levered against an unsuspecting Society. I was crushed and looking for a way or place to hide from the sanity since I felt there was nothing I could do.

December 5th was the first time I actually became aware that I was not the only Canadian feeling “Duped” by our “Royal Government”. I had never been actively political preferring to study the insanity of it all. If anything at that point I would likely have been considered “Liberalized” by my straight up conservative family.

February 14, 2019, (since I had fired myself from my remaining clients) I went out on my first assignment, by request, to cover and document a convoy of Canadians who set out from Alberta. They left in the dead of a nasty winter on an adventure that by the time it was over I knew had planted the seeds of a very different society of Canadians, those resisting Globalism. In the ashes of disillusioned Canadians What’s Up Canada was born to give voice to this side of Canadiana.

Almost 3 years later here we are, a community staple for “New Media” truth and information.