50+ Year Old Secret Exposed As Lies Unfold

They didn’t make the poison without holding the cure!!

Since writing an article, “Questions few can answer,” that was published on the WhatsupCanada website early in January 2022 I have been asked to write my thoughts on a “protocol” based on my 21 years of knowledge and R&D with this decades old secret.  After a few days consideration on what that may look like I knew that it must come with a condensed version of my experience/research in the past 21 years.

At this time I will state that in any of the testimonies or examples of research and development disclosed in this article, I will not be using names of any individuals or institutes involved.  Because of the sensitivity of what is about to be revealed, documentation excluding anything proprietary, will be revealed to the right people at the right place and time.  After reading this article my wish is that it will be clear how this will throw a stick in the spokes of the wheel of the pharmaceutical “take my pill” industry and how we can move forward with an entirely new system.  A bold statement perhaps, however, what we are doing and the direction we are headed is not in the best interest of any human being.  In the least may it make you seriously question what has been happening over the past two years and understand that yes it will continue to happen forever.

I didn’t ask to be where I am today.  I was very happy to live out my life on the farm with my family.  A power way greater than any of us had other ideas and I have known and trusted for a long time that Gods hand has brought me to exactly this place and time for this exact reason.  As hard as that was at times, the many and incredible blessings in helping many people, animals, water and environment, with many different applications, far out way any difficult times which ironically always involved politicians, some entity of the health industry or a scientist.  I have certainly learned some very valuable things, some with mistakes, in this path God has kept me on.  Patience and tolerance being the most difficult to learn, trust in God, trust in self, courage to ask questions, knowledge IS power, and that I despise greed in any of its forms.

I do not have a prefix nor letters of credential after my name and that does not make anything I share here any less true.  I have trusted for a long time that there would come a day where relationships with those that do have that prefix and highly respected and impressive credentials would find each other and have also decided that what is happening is seriously wrong and it is time to change.  That community is gathering and building with steps in developing a new system.  It will be a dream come true to sit across the table with the likes of Dr. Paul Alexander and talk about a vision going forward.  Not back.

I have been aware of the corruption and agenda of big Pharma for a very long time.  Humans have been the largest group of lab animals for a very long time!  Now because of the crimes against humanity being committed in the past couple years, if I do not speak out about this secret and my knowledge then I have failed God in this amazing path I have been on and ultimately humanity itself as a whole.  I will no longer be silent!  So today I am NOT “just” some Saskatchewan born Alberta raised farm boy/cowboy, oilfield worker and entrepreneur!  #SaveTheChildren!!

Quite ironically in itself is this secret was created/invented in a time of war.  Concerns of chemical warfare were real.  This was created to neutralize any such chemicals that may be used against them especially when it came to contamination of water.  This technology has been around for decades and any scientific research has been seriously underexposed or hidden completely from the world.  All in the name of what I truly despise…. Greed and it is accompanied by the unsustainable illusion of Power and Control.  I personally have witnessed how even already scientifically proven research gets tied up in things like because of this minor detail, geographical location, etc. there must be more research.  $250,000.00 plus 10 more years of research for each application seems to be the constant in order to gain a “possibility” of approvals and should research proceed another thing to add here is that scientist and institution will receive literally hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to in my opinion keep it from us.  I will discuss one of several that I was involved in later. 

Just so I don’t lose your interest I will give you a Gooder here.  Extremely significant research has also been buried and hidden such as number of years ago the USA military used it to neutralize anthrax.  That’s right ANTHRAX!!  I acquired this document, which you will no longer find anywhere now, and have it in a very safe place along with many other scientific documents.

Should anything happen to me as a result of bringing this all to light steps and people are in place to ensure that this will not be silenced and will be an integral and significant part of moving forward into a new system.  One more bit of a doosey for you that took place in Africa years ago if any remember the Aids outbreak.  Well I always have and always will believe the same bioweapon releasing evil people were responsible for releasing it upon a population.  This technology was also used successfully at that time as well.

Important to add here as I mentioned at the end of my article “Questions few can answer” the NIH has declared it safe for humans.  Let that sink in for a minute and then I will tell you why it has been kept a secret by the elites and big Pharma including their evil overpaid and indoctrinated “meat puppets.” 

Here it is folks………The main ingredient is water!!  That’s right H2O!!!  There are a number of different mixtures and combinations developed over the past 21 years in my own R&D for different applications and yes as I stated all can be disclosed with the right people and place and I sincerely believe the time is now.  I am hoping by the end of this article it will be clear how this can be a huge part of stepping into a different system and how it is possible to break away from big Pharma Greed and take away their illusion of Power and Control with keeping us sick and addicted to or forced to the “pill.”

H1N1, polio virus, listeria, legionella, e.coli, staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus pneumonia, klebsiella pneumoniae, enterococcus faecalis and cryptosporidiosis.  That’s right this is a pretty nasty looking list and I could have added a few more.  Working with internationally recognized bio labs and using appropriate mixtures and concentrations each and every one of these bacteria and viruses was eradicated.  Some on contact.  Once again please recall that the NIH has declared it safe for humans.

Because I believe this ties directly to the declaration of a “pandemic” in March 2020 I will share a personal success that I as well as many others have used over the years.  In January 2020 I was working with two people who were quite sick to very sick one being for 3 weeks and the other for just over a month.  Exact symptoms as what they labeled as Covid, which I like to refer to as the boogeyman, in March.  I will say at this time I am a very strong advocate for early treatment.  Inevitably one day I felt the symptoms of the same bug coming on so like has been done numerous times over the years used a fine mist humidifier with a tested and true concentration mixed with water.  This is placed in the bedroom, smaller the better, close the door sleep through the night and wake up with 100% zero symptoms……Gone!!  In proper concentrations also has been successfully used in a nebulizer, nasal spray, ear drops, and gargled for a sore throat.  I will share a few more experiences/testimonies and then I will share an experience early on which led me to believe and understand how a federal research centre, politicians and health officials empty entrepreneurial pockets and in my humble opinion launder taxpayer dollars through prolonged and unnecessary research and all the while keeping the secret.

Are you still with me?  OK I touched on a respiratory bug remedies and now for the stomach bug experience.  A number of years ago there was a stomach bug going around labeled “Norwalk virus.”  People I knew were very sick for 3-5 days and yes there were losses.  Once again the unmistakable symptoms appeared so a tested and true mixture in an 8 ounce glass with water and drank.  One more quick trip to the bathroom, then a couple hours of sleep and woke up hungry and ready to go.

While on the topic of a stomach bug I will share one about animals.   A mature horse came down with “Potomac fever”, a bacteria, in which a horse will basically defecate themselves to death.  The horse was drenched twice the first day with 60ml full concentration and once the next day and never looked back.  This bug can kill a horse in a very short amount of time.

I have been part of several studies in the intensive livestock industry where consistent results show huge medication cost savings, improved feed conversion and daily gain numbers and other significant benefits in feedlot, hogs, dairy and poultry. Another book in itself.

I will touch briefly on wound healing now.  There have been a number of horses helped with very serious wounds and healed in roughly 1/3 of the time.  A few of these have been very serious leg wounds that are highly susceptible to infection and something called “proud flesh” which can be devastating and a huge increase to healing time and occasionally cannot be fixed.  Wounds were kept clean and a concentrated solution sprayed on 2-3 times per day and even only once per day in the latter stages of healing.  There was never once any indication of infection and risk of proud flesh will be non-existent.

Speaking of leg wounds, 17 years ago a teenage boy of a family I knew, burnt his leg from ankle to knee mostly 3rd degree.  A concentrated solution was sprayed on generously and let dry when the dressing was changed in the morning.  Then re-dressed with salve from the doctor.  In 4 months there was no scar and actually the hair was beginning to return.  Anyone familiar with 3rd degree burns will understand the significance of this.

There have been many wounds healed over the years as well as help with eczema, athletes foot etc.  The list is very long!  To give an idea, I have given thousands of litres away over the past 21 years.  There are many applications in regards to health and well being and as I have stated full disclosure will be provided to the right people, place and time.  And “time”, well these days tests my hard earned patience and tolerance to the limit!!  I am trying to keep this as condensed as I can and really could and maybe someday should write a book as there is so much.

I have several and will touch on one to give an idea of what I have witnessed regarding the pockets of the entrepreneur being emptied while padding their own with absolutely no “vision forward” other than themselves.

Early on a study was being conducted with a federal research centre in Canada.  The scientific study was with ecoli bacteria.  There was a promise of a news release and approvals once it was proven successful.  It was verbally stated by the scientist that the ecoli bacteria was eradicated on contact with zero regrowth over the allotted and appropriate time frame.  At this time the scientist also informed that there would NOT be any news release and that the technology would remain with them for another 10 years of research and that a sum of $250,000.00 was required to begin further research.  It was also learned that a student was removed that was doing her thesis on the study.  Her paperwork was destroyed and a forced gag order signed.  That in itself was reason enough to accept the lesson in patience and tolerance and end this relationship.

I keep very close watch and there is networking in place with highly respected doctors and scientists who are working tirelessly towards exposing what is truly going on and building forward to a new system.  To this day through the last two years of this genocidal experiment on humanity I have heard no reference to this technology and it seems to remain a secret.  Until now!!

Let’s look at it this way for a minute…….Billionaire Bill Gates has no prefix or letters behind his name and been working hard for years to to be one of the main players in what is happening to us today with devastating crimes against humanity.

So why would it be so far out of reach to think that a broke, aged and wise cowboy from Alberta Canada that has done the best I could to play the process and procedures of this current system to no avail, not be able to bring to light books of knowledge and REAL true science from the other end of the spectrum.  Non-negotiable on the moral value of

“Do no harm.”

So in conclusion, yet I trust is truly a beginning of a new realm moving forward with this highly condensed reveal of truth, I at this time express gratitude to God indeed in the army gathering today against the injustice being created against, let’s face it all creation. The truth I bring today and shall bring more I give thanks to Him for that patience and tolerance to get to this exact place and yes the time is now in history. This has never been about money for me because I always knew and understood early on that until those non-negotiable moral values were in place there is no amount of money that could make it happen.  Those moral values are causing many more today to question where theirs truly lie.  May it continue and my hope is that this article will in the least inspire courage to ask the question no matter what it may be.  I believe with everything I am and have learned, that this technology will be very instrumental in healing adverse reactions and long term affects of the bioweapon attack upon us ALL.  Time to take research to a whole new level.

So here we are with a community of people with highly respected credentials, the science, and the years of knowledge finally coming together.  A long time dream come true for me…….praise God.

The only thing missing is what I never really asked for and trusted when the time was right would be there…..is funds.  Moving forward I see a transition happening that I will do my best to show in print.

POWER, GREED and CONTROL vs do no harm…..will look like in the days to come

DO NO HARM vs (power, greed and control)

Remember no matter what…. in the end God wins. Amen


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