Rocco Galati

01/09/21 01:17

Constitutional Attorney Rocco Galati experiencing life threatening medical crisis

Updated: 01/21/2021, latest reports from sources close to the family suggest that Rocco is currently recovering. No additional details are being released by the family
This just in a few minutes ago.
Constitutional Attorney Rocco Galati is confirmed to be experiencing a life threatening medical crisis. I received a message from an associate of his requesting folks to please pray for Rocco Galati. He was at the time of this writing said to be in ICU in a medically-induced coma with intubation. Cause is suspected but not confirmed.
Subsequent to our first publishing it was confirmed that he was receiving the best care available and had in fact been in hospital since January 2nd of this new year. We have seen reports circulating an infinite number of hypothesis and projections on his conditions and causes. 
We caution folks in this time to be patient, remain respectful of yourselves and the vast number of Canadian clients working on a plethora of initiatives with with Rocco as more confirmed details become available. In any case urgent prayer is needed. Please ask everyone to prayer for his quick and full recovery, we hope to see many more days of Rocco in court. #roccogalati #News #Canada
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